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In Pokemon, an Onix is a long, thin character made of a bunch of different rocks. Therefore, when you take a crap, and it is whole, but looks like its been broken up into a bunch of little balls all clumped together, you have officially Shit an Onix.
Damn, Omar, I've been holding in this crap all day. I feel like I'm about to shit an onix like a foot long.
by Creebie February 23, 2009
To "Rofl" someone's "Copter" is meant to be sexual, and can take on any sexual connotation. Therefore, to rofl a copter could imply oral, sex, hands, or even weird creepy stuff like whacking off to Hannah Montana.
After all I did for Katie this Valentine's Day, she didn't even rofl my copter. What a bitchass.
by Creebie February 16, 2009
Used as a sexual reference: is commonly known as the act of a guy putting on cleats, slide tackling a girl into her vagina, then punching her in both boobs, shitting on her back, and then doing her. It is the sexual fantasy of many men, and is a common fetish in the porn industry.

You don't believe me? Google it.
Ryan: So the other day I was walking into my room when I saw Brady slide tackle the hell out of that bitch. It was so weird cause then he punched both her boobs, shit on her back, and proceeded to do her right there. Gross.
by Creebie February 23, 2009

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