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The oh-so-sexy actor who plays the gay character Marco on the highly addictive Canadian t.v. show, Degrassi.
Example of a conversation between Adamo Ruggiero's character and Shane Kippel's character on Degrassi:

Spinner: Why?
Marco: Because, Spin!
Spinner: Because why?!
Marco: Because I'm gay!
by CreatureOfTheNight July 28, 2006
A HIGHLY overrated website that 95% of the world's population seems to be completely obsessed with.
Myspace = completely useless crap...
by CreatureOfTheNight July 28, 2006
A stupid fucking bitch who sleeps with every dude, and possibly every chick that she comes in contact with.
My cousin's ex-girlfriend...she's such a fucking whore...
by CreatureOfTheNight November 05, 2006

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