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3 definitions by Creamy Goodness

The main reason (next to Reality Shows and Dubya) why the world hates America.I forgot hiphop.
MTV - And for the 100th time this hour, here's the hot video from the new boyband *fill in the blank*.

Osama - Fukkit! Death to the infidels!
by Creamy Goodness February 07, 2005
a mexican who sneaks around at night and gives u bj's in your sleep.usually a male and always under 4 feet tall.
guy: my dick is killin me! did u give me a bj in my sleep lass night.
girl: no i slept upstairs. you must have got hit by a dim gnome rider.
by Creamy Goodness March 12, 2005
A Vagina with crabs but the vagina must be Blonde.Most Girls have it and some Guys have it on ther Pub hair. But When a Guy has it on his Dick it is Called a Craby Alex.
Guy: Yo.. I fuckin got crabs last night from Craby Sally last night.
Guy2: OH SHIT!! that sucks.
by Creamy Goodness March 12, 2005