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A businessman that should know that many of the job losses in 2009 have been announced when Bush was in power and therefore unemployment dropped under President Obama contrary to the constant spin by the GOP who are desperate in the final days, because Romney's campaign is going southwards since the "binders for womens gaffe" in the second debate and his disastrous performance on the third debate which was even worst than Obama's first debate. His poor performance during Hurricane Sandy, comments made by an Indiana GOP Senate Candidate about pregnancy and other nonsense from other GOP celebrities such as Rudy Guiliani won't help
Mitt Romney flip-flops daily on all issues
by Cre47 November 03, 2012
A Canadian news channel that is nothing more but a clone of Fox News, much like the rest of Sun News Network which is why Sun TV is also called Fox News North.
Sun TV and the rest of Sun News Network presents a lot of sensationalism.
by Cre47 April 19, 2013

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