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2 definitions by Crazylegs

A person who expels large volumes fart gas. The type that brings water to your eyes and forces you to leave a room.
Hey, stinkass! Ease off on the beans and hard boiled eggs, would ya?
by Crazylegs January 25, 2008
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abbreviation used amongst inner city friends, commonly implying the necessity to go "Home For Cones". The term was created by a Mr. Charles Dos Sole of East Sydney.
eg 1.Charlie Dos Sole: "I have had enough, I am going H.F.C!"

Crazylegs/Doogs/Pikey/Slats: "Bang, lets do this!"

eg 2. Pikey: "dude...... H.F.C"
by Crazylegs January 25, 2008
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