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2 definitions by CrazyTalk

1) One of the finest cities in California
2) A place where MTV's reality show REAL WORLD: San Diego was filmed.
3) According to Anchorman RON BERGUNDY, in german, it means a WHALE'S VAGINA.
1) hey look its sandiego!
2) hha sandiego
3) the bottlenosed dolphin stuck its nose up san diego.
by crazytalk January 11, 2005
1581 329
Used when in reply to something someone has discovered or said in which case said thing is old or has been done before. Mostly stemming from internet forums and the popular Teen Girl Squad series on www.homestarrunner.com in which the suffix -'d was added to several words to imply their happening.
Person A: All your base are belong to us.
Person B: old'd
by CrazyTalk December 22, 2004
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