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Wolverhampton is a great place to live in. The people who are saying bad things about it are just being stupid, I mean wolverhampton is a great place to live and the people there are very kind and polite some people might say the way they speak is stupid but still not everyone speaks like that. People have different opinions about this city and some people might be just over reacting I think and I live in WOLVERHAMPTON that it is a place that everyone should check out it is brilliant and I totally love it here nobody can change my mind. Also stop with the racism okay not only black people live there. I'm not black and I live there,in wolverhampton there are alot of different races that should be respected so you do not have a right to chat shit about wolverhampton. And I don't really care what people are writing on here because I know what the truth is and what is just stupid and made up.
Wolverhampton is not and I repeat NOT the worst place in the world it is a great place. Blackenhall and other places are beautiful. So SHUT UP!!
by CrazyLikeYourMum February 06, 2011
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