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The sudden panic experienced when masterbating and suddenly you hear footsteps nearby or a door opening, or some other indication that you aren't alone. Usually preceded by immediate zipping, minimising, muting and concealing of tissues.
Dude, I had a total wank attack yesterday, I coulda sworn I heard someone coming up the stairs but it was just tiddles, stupid cat.
by Crazy Tosh May 13, 2010
The common psychological condition that results from spending too long playing video games with a quick-save/quick-load function. Symptoms of which include a desire to 'save' before making an important decision, in order to have the ability to back out should it go wrong.
Dude, I was about to ask a girl out on facebook, and instinctively pressed F5 just in case!
Woah, sounds like a severe case of quick-save syndrome
by Crazy Tosh July 22, 2011
This is a psychological condition that results from playing too many video games.
It consists of an instinctive desire to shoot at any barrel or container that might have liquid in it, in the expectation that it will cause a magnificent explosion.
Dude, sounds like you've got Oil Barrel Syndrome
by Crazy Tosh April 20, 2011
A male who says to two or more different girls that he wants to be with them both, as he knows that this will give him the most power, control and attention and make him suffer the least pain whilst the girls involved suffer the most possible. In the words of shaggy: "if you want to be a player you gotta know how to play" and many guys aren't clever enough to be a successful arms dealer.
I heard that Aaron's a bit of an arms dealer, but both the girls went and caught him at it and humiliated him. That's karma i suppose.
by Crazy Tosh April 05, 2010

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