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A girl who has a tight smokin body who you wanna ride.
She's totally built for speed. Just take a look at that ass.
by Crazy Pedro July 30, 2005
Butt Conga Line

Is is the act where a bunch of your stupid co-workers are wasting time doing nothing and running the company into the ground. This complete waste of time is a result of their homosexuality.

The Butt Conga Line is a group activity where here a guy will stick his weiner into the guy's butt in front of him and dance around a room like they would in a conga line.
Steig and Art are in the conference room talking about how to run the streaming software company into the ground, planning how to backstab their co-workers, and how overthrow the founder(s) of the company.

As Mark would say... "they're doin the BCL"
by Crazy Pedro July 30, 2005
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