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A seriously fucked up TV show that came out of Britain.

It's about 4 gorrilla/human things that were born with birth defects such as: Lack of brains, a TV type rash that's actually eczema, fucked up antennea growing out of their heads, and club feet.

They speak a language that cats in heat would start humping them for. They live in a land of rolling hills, crashed spaceships and they're god is a sun with a baby face.

Their names are Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Laa Laa and Po. They also have a vaccuum cleaner named Noo Noo that they yell at when it cleans up after them. They like wallowing in their own shit. They also eat toast called "Tubby Toast" that has a smile face burned on it. They drink what looks like semen from some kind of Dr. Seuss character, since it's pink and slimy and thick looking with weird clumps of shit in it.

Children ages 1-7 love this show, while any other rational human being with a sense of sanity despises it. This sense of despise seems to have been ineffective against mothers of young children, allowing the madness to continue.

It's also a great show to watch on acid, pot, speed, etc.
Tinky-Winky: La la la I'm the queer one with the clutch purse and the dildo in it. Figures I'm the only representation of a white guy here. The guys at the teletubbies studio use me as a cum dumpster!

Dipsy: I'm the nigger with the dark skin! I was made to represent diversity!

Laa Laa: I'm the dumbass blonde bitch! Look at me I'm even more retarded than all the others!

Po: Ching chang cho yo yao yaoi yuri hentai chingy chog chink gook. {Translation: I'm the asian figure here, just like Dipsy. Also put in to be racially diverse and shit.}


Baby sun: I am GOD!
by Crazy Motherfucking Bitch March 06, 2010
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