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A sporting event with somewhat of a predominant number of corperate exectutives or buisness professionals in attendance.
These days at the Leaf and Raptor games all you see is one big suit parade. Real fans are not welcome anymore
by Crazy Mike666 November 03, 2007
Describing a person or entity that; blames someone else for their short comings, gets away scot free from many infractions in both the workplace and in social situations. Someone who slips through the cracks. An analogy used for a situation like this originating from someone cutting in front of you in line in a gym class exercise.
Nick is a goddamn cocksucker and should stay on his own service counter to serve the customers. I am sick of doing his job for him and when the boss retires some day and Nick will have no one to look out for him, I hope that gym squeech will get whats coming to him.
by Crazy Mike666 November 03, 2007
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