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The act of two women (or persons... blech) inserting opposing ends of a string of anal beads in thier asses while on hands and knees facing away from eachother. They then clench and crawl away from each other with the goal being to pull the beads from the opponents ass... thus winning the tractor pull. Special multi end bead chains can be used for group tractor pulls with 3 or more contestants. As with the original fair ground tractor pull this is best when performed in front of hordes of chearing men.
Dude 1: My old lady lost the tractor pull in the final round this weekend and has been shitting the bed ever since.

Dude 2: That nasty man.

Dude 1: Im not sure if the beads did it or the fact that she had to spend the night with the winners boyfriend.

Dude 2: Naw dude I took it easy on that hole.
by Crazy Larry December 09, 2004

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