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2 definitions by Crazy Kim + Mark 'The Mason'

9 by 1.5 island community located at the mouth of the narragansett bay in Rhode Island. Home of the socially elite, the kids here have there choice of schools and drugs. Typical saturday nights include 'pick ups' and sketchy walks down narragansett ave...where all the drunk people from the bar roam back and forth from xtra mart to the water. With only like 3 choices in places to party, potters (poison ivy capital of the world), eldred ave (soccer moms blow it up) and hulls cove (but too close to romanos crib). Jamestown is stocked full with sweet waterfront cribs to chill in, good looking but SKETCHY girls and of course the deli..where number 8's rule the land.
In jamestown if your looking for a place for one of those earlier mentioned 'pickups' you need go no further than our very own skatepark. Wicked!
by Crazy Kim + Mark 'The Mason' September 03, 2005
The re-definition of the word 'surfing'. Stemming from Kyle Halavick, the all-universe extreme athlete from North Kingstown, RI. However dont tell kyle that, he dosn't accept NK as his home...its PBC!(Subject of later definition) This term is the new way to say surfing
Random Kid #1: Yo bro narly, what do you want to do im bored?

Random Kid #2: Lets go Halavicking, we could totaly hang 10 out there on the boneyard!
by Crazy Kim + Mark 'The Mason' September 18, 2005