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One of the lame overrated tv shows on Disney Channel.It's actually a bad tv show for 5 year old girls.Hannah Montana have a very bad plot.Miley Cyrus a very bad actress can't sing worth crap.The show as a whole is very crappy.The humor is very cheesy,they can't act,all of the actorsshould be going to Special Ed school.
older brother:Hannah Montana is funny.
me:It's overrated because the jokes are cheesy,singing absolutely sucks.
by Crazy Irvin January 19, 2008
1:A good rock band

2:A medical group that cause fear into many people.They lost alot of credibility in recent years.They defended North Korea's healthcare system.They lied about the Swine Flu pandemic,that said it's going to kill everybody.The Boondocks made fun of them in one episode.
EX 1
Person 1:Did you hear about The WHO performing at the Superbowl this year.

Person 2:Yes they are awesome!

EX 2
Person 1:The medical group WHO has one motive:Profit

Person 2:They lied to me about the massive Swine Flu pandemic failure.I want to beat them to a plup.
by Crazy Irvin August 10, 2010

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