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A type of platform shoe that men and women of the alternative scenes wear. They come in a myriad of designs and colors.
I want the red creepers with the skull design on top.
by Crazy Haley Demons November 13, 2003
Men and women who dress and are into the psychobilly scene. They usually have switchblade pompadours, female pomps, bettie bangs, creepers, bleached denim jackets, a myriad of band patches, cuffed jeans, etc., etc., etc. Imagine DIY Punk mixed with Rockabilly.
Ever since that terrible article in Vogue came out about psychobilly, everyon is turning psycho.
by Crazy Haley Demons November 13, 2003
A form of pitting that psychobilly kids do at shoes. It involved punching each other with the forearms, which is usually followed with a slap on the back or a sign of respect.
Hey, will someone tell Bear to stop wrecking!
by Crazy Haley Demons November 13, 2003

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