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Term first coined in the late 1800s by Southerners who had Northerners exploit the cheap land during the Reconstruction. Also known as carpetbaggers. Most recently, it is used to describe Northerners who buy cheap land from Southern coastal towns, develop the area, and then resell the land for a much higher price.
Those damn scalawags are taking over Florida!
by Crazy Guy March 28, 2004
This only seems to work for girls who are not used to anal sex. While doing it doggy style, you retract your penis from the virgina and shove it into the anal cavity. When she turns around (most likely with a painfull look), you put your hands in the bull horn position and scream "bullwinkle!"
My girl wanted something me to surprise her in the bedroom, so I gave her a bullwinkle.
by Crazy Guy March 28, 2004
Gonnorhea, AIDS, Syphilis, and Herpes. Something that often skanky girls have.
Watch out! Chandra has the GASH!!!
by Crazy Guy March 10, 2004

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