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3 definitions by Crazy Fil

a man who has sex with his best friend's wife
"After a long day of work Graty came home to see Joe in his bed being a twat pirate while Marlane was supposed to be cooking dinner."
by Crazy Fil August 29, 2008
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1. some who sells women for sex in order to obtain income or other personal favors
a.k.a. a pimp
"See that man with the big hat with a feather and baby powder, he's a twat peddler."

by Crazy Fil August 29, 2008
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1. (adj.) Nipples that smell like onions
2. (adv.) Nipples that bring tears to your eyes
3 (adj.) Old people nipples
"Damn, she had some onion nipples!"

"I went to lick her onion nipples, but I started to cry."

See granny porn...
by Crazy Fil August 29, 2008
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