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Referring to the age of a person. Same as Grown, but with emphasis.
My mother wants to know why I don't I call her anymore, because I'm a grown-ass man, thats why.

A grown-ass man should not be on welfare.
by Crazy Eyes H. Squeeze October 04, 2004
To work hard for something with no final benefit or that will leave you worse off.

If you shovel shit into the tide, it's just going to wash it all back up onto your feet.
My car broke down again, and I'm not sure if I will get it fixed. I feel like I'm shoveling shit into the tide.
by Crazy Eyes H. Squeeze October 02, 2004
1. Heathers cat.
2. A cat smells like shit all the time and is probably always licking his ass.
"Hey Heather, why does this old trow pillow on your couch smell like kitty doodie oh wait... it's just Stinky-Farts."
by Crazy Eyes H. Squeeze September 17, 2004

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