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when you take a shit in the shower and stomp it thru the drain
the toilet was backed up so Bill King tookk a wafflestomper.
by Crazy Eyes March 01, 2005
The polar opposite of a compliment, or the absence of a compliment where a compliment is needed.
Person 1: Hey, do what do you think of my new hair?
Person 2: ... You've got spinach in your teeth
Person 1: What a nompliment!

Careful... that guy is way harsh. For every compliment he gives you, you'll get 20 nompliments
by Crazy eyes October 30, 2013
The substance, composed of feces and lubricant (and sometimes semen and saliva), which coats the penis and anus of participants after anal sex.
Damn bitch, that stinky fecubemen stained my sheets! You better pay for them before I bust a cap in that fecubemen-filled ass of yours!
by Crazy Eyes August 21, 2004

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