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2 definitions by Crazy Daniel "Webster"

The Act/Process of washing one's self in a gas station/truck stop's bathroom sink with paper towels and hand soap. The process usually only covers the face, neck, underarms, and chest.
No Letiscia, I stink because an "Oklahoma car wash" is all I can afford right now.
by Crazy Daniel "Webster" September 20, 2006
185 29
Copious junk in the front yard of a home such as flower pots, wind chimes, childrens toys, washer/dryers, rusted out grills, piles of beer bottles and cans, garbage bags, and general litter that provide a crude home security device when a trespasser trips and falls making a load crashing sound alerting the homeowner.
Good thing we're poor white trash Leticia, or we wouldnt have the New Mexican burglar alarm that foiled the prowler who wanted our commerative plates.
by Crazy Daniel "Webster" November 02, 2006
69 9