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' Horny Horny Catholic Hoochi '
1) Nickname given to a girl at a dance wearing a too short, catholic shool girl mini skirt, who is actually catholic, who is dancing/ grinding really dirty.
Becki: Leigh, you HHCH!
Me: Huh-Uh! *dances*
Becki: Who's that guy staring at you? And that guy? And that one?
Me:Don't know. *dances on*
by Crazcat April 11, 2005
2) One who cries and curls into a little ball when afraid of getting hit or swatted.
3)One who quivers and is easily beaten up by a girl.
Me:Tony! You are such a Feebler Elf! Say it, "I'm Feeble"
Tony: No.
Me:You are! *commences in beating Tony*
by Crazcat April 11, 2005
Spanish for:
1) A WHIPPED male
2) cunt or pussy

Should be used with bi-atch:
Matt: Hi Leigh.
Leigh: Stay away from me coño bi-atch
by Crazcat April 13, 2005
The sound that Matt makes when Becki gropes him. It sounds much like the sound an owl makes.
Becki: *gropes*
Matt: woooo-
by Crazcat April 14, 2005

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