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NOTE: Majority of these definitions are NOT from actual furries, take it from a real one.

Unlike the pictures suggest, a furry is NOT BY ANY MEANS a person who dresses as an animal. Despite the fact that some furries do enjoy that, it is NOT the definition. A person who dresses as an animal, is a gigolo (pronounced ji-gill-oh).

A furry, on the other hand is a person who finds anthropomorphic animals (meaning they walk, talk, think, act, and have personalities like a human) appealing, often but not always sexually.

*Other misconceptions*

- not all furries like yiff, and the 2 CANNOT be considered the same, or even similar

- being a furry does NOT mean wanting to have sex with the characters, although some do, it is NOT a requirement

Examples of furry Characters:

-Minerva Mink

-Sheila Vixen

-Amy the Squirrel
Non-furry: "Why do you have pictures of Minerva Mink on your PC?"

Furry: "Oh... heheh, I'm kind of what you call a furry..."

Non-furry: "....I don't get it at all but whatever..."

Furyy: "Hey dude, furry pride for the win!"
by Crash22Spyro July 02, 2011

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