7 definitions by Crash Raindog

A fart is just the scream of an imprisoned shit!
let it brew!!!
by Crash Raindog January 21, 2004
Used to describe a situation that has progressed way beyond touching cloth.
You know it's too late when you're touching sock!
by Crash Raindog January 21, 2004
A combination of the word banter and badinage, both of which describe light, playful verbal exchange
The two weevils were heavily involved in lighthearted banternage
by Crash Raindog January 20, 2004
A euphemism for male masturbation, often preceeded by the word 'Gentleman's' for a little more comedy effect.
Having been given the promotion, Dave thought he would slope off home for a celebratory Gentleman's wrist adventure!
by Crash Raindog January 21, 2004
A very cathartic and attention grabbing exclamation of frustration.
Ratscocks, I've been shot!
by Crash Raindog January 13, 2004
The concrete balls which are placed on the top of gateposts.
One of my futtocks has dropped off!
by Crash Raindog January 13, 2004
Verb: to mess about or perform unconstructive acts.
Oy, you lot, stop fadging around
by Crash Raindog January 22, 2004

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