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4 definitions by Crash Override

These are the military glasses issued that look retarded. B.C.G. stands for Birth Control Glasses cuz when you are wearing these out in public you aint gettin no play.
Hey fool take of your B.C.G. your scaring the chicks away.
by Crash Override May 13, 2008
A Mo-Hawk on a black person. Hair looks and feels like a brillo pad or steel wool.
Dude Mr. T's hair is sick. Its a brillo hawk for sure
by Crash Override July 21, 2008
The sound of a sweat muffled fart.
Damn Tracy, your fart sounded like a squalk
by Crash Override April 22, 2008
A man that carries a bag around like the way a woman would carry a purse.

Man Purse = Murse
Hey David, thats a nice murse pal! Faggot!
by Crash Override April 22, 2008