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The most painful thing that can possibly happen to someone. This phrased is used as a comparison, if something is really bad or unpleasurable, you compare it to shitting a pinecone.
Jim: Dude I had to stay with my grandma all last week.
Mike: That sucks.
Jim: Yeah I would have rather been shitting a pinecone.


Popo: Yeah they did surgery without novacaine, it felt like I was shitting a pinecone.
by Crapspatula June 04, 2005
Someone who is so in touch with who they are, someone so uneffected by outside forces, someone who spreads as much good karma as possible, and someone who is so peaceful and kind that people say that they've got Buddha in the Backseat. It takes a cultured and uneffected person to earn this status.
Mike: Man, Robert just gave a hobo 50 bucks, gave an injured man a ride home, donated his salary for this month to the red cross, and adopted a starving Nigerian baby. Hes definetly got Buddha in the backseat.
by Crapspatula June 04, 2005
A strange phrase used only by those who use omg online. It is a bastardazation of saying "omg" and "oh my god" at the same time. Comes out with the ja sound instead of ga. Pretty uncommon.
Laura: I want to have sex with you.
Bartholomew: OH MY JOD! REALLY?!
by Crapspatula June 04, 2005

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