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A local dim-wit or shiftless lay-about, primarily from the urban Boston Area; A Goombah.
Jim and his friends were a bunch of ja-mokes from the Lakes.
by Crapshooter August 04, 2003
A Halo competition nvolving 8 or more people, usually involving heavy drinking and unabashed usage of expletives and cuss.
"Shit, bitch... it's been like a month since we have had a Halo Styles"
-A. Patel
by Crapshooter August 05, 2003
A bold-faced lie; A farce, A sham.
Jim told his staff that bonuses will abound in the coming year- which was, of course, the biggest over-chay in the history of over-chays!
by Crapshooter August 04, 2003
Any type of grenade, esp. frag.
The battle wore on to what seemed like a stalemate, until DesertPenis (Brandon) fired off a bergie that blew the shit out of them all!
by Crapshooter February 05, 2004
A grenade, especially one used in a video game
Damn... son, I just got gerted!
by Crapshooter August 05, 2003
Another name for the "Ghost" hover-bikes from the game Halo
It is very easy to cheese a brick of kills when you are Easy-Riding a purple-passion.
by Crapshooter August 05, 2003
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