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To engage in male homosexual anal activity.
As we were eating Thanksgiving dinner, my uncle announced: " Hey everyone,I just wanted to let you all know that I am gay. Yes, I like to burn the donut."
by Cranky Nanny September 26, 2009
Someone or something so cute you just feel like punching them.
1. "My husband has excessive cuteness,he is so fucking cute I feel like punching his face!"

2. "Have you ever felt like punching something for being too cute? like a basket of puppies."
by Cranky Nanny October 03, 2009
Translated from the Brazilian Portuguese expression: "Trofeu de rapariga".

Those single stem roses wrapped in plastic sold at bars, only bought by guys who want to impress girls but are running out of material, such as good conversation, jokes and dance moves.
Girl #1: "How was your date last night?"
Girl#2: " It was awful at the begenning of the night, but then he bought me a "Whore's trophy" so I splept with him.
Girl #1: " Wow, you earned that rose, whore!!"
by Cranky Nanny March 15, 2010

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