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A woman who is at least a decent actress who even if her performance or appearance may not be the greatest, she can easily come off as a very charming, beautiful, and smart. Disagree if you will.

Also, you know you find her sexy as hell regardless of what you don't like about her. A woman that if you have not, at least ten times, furiously masturbated to her pics until your penis lost feeling and almost fell off, then you sir, are defined as what is known in uncivilized society, a fag.

From her topless scene in Swordfish and coming out of the water on one of Cuba's beaches in that orange bikini dripping wet (like my thang was when I got home from the theater when thinking about it) in 007: Die Another Day to her black leather clad appearance with a whip in Catwoman and that epic two second shot of her bare ass in that nude shower scene in Gothika, she has a body that would make even the most diehard anti-black racist wank off and rethink their position on racial politics.

Here's to hoping to the almighty God in Heaven that we are to be blessed with a preferably naked brown goddess like her in the pages of Playboy magazine. My dick twitches think about and admit it, the idea crossed your mind too.
I'm about to wank off like no tomorrow fantasizing that Halle Berry eats my swordfish! >:D
by CrankMakeStankMaster December 16, 2009

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