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The biggest city in Western North Carolina. Asheville is home to some of the most liberal people in the South. Despite having a reputation for poor drivers, homosexuals, and potheads, Asheville is a really cultured place. If you can look past the Biltmore House, Asheville has a lot of very cultural things to do that can change the way you think. A djimbe drum circle meets every Friday in downtown Asheville at Pritchard Park, until it gets too cold. Downtown Asheville is the best part of the city, with many locally owned shops and restaurants lining the streets. Local musicians are plentiful, regularly showcasing their talents to the passerby. Asheville has some of the most diverse music and musicians in the region. Tourists frequent the city for the beautiful scenery, the Biltmore House, and to experience the culture that is Asheville. I wouldn't want to live in Asheville for long, but it is worth spending some time there.
Ever been to Asheville, Fred?
No Jim. What is it like?
It was cold and quaint, but the music was great!
by Crandall Gaither November 12, 2007

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