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To spunk means to ejaculate.
"You appear to have spunked on my face."
by Cranberry pie January 16, 2007
Orgasm is the peak of sexual pleasure, the climax.
"Oh my - fucking! Wow. Ooooooooh yeah. Harder. Uh! Ooooooh keep going, don't stop!" Orgasms usally result in the woman using a lot of imperatives =]
by Cranberry pie January 16, 2007
Just back to what Want_It_Deep said about females rarely ever performing such an action ... about that ... you are wrong I'm afraid. All girls have either thought about doing it but are too scared to just incase they get it wrong, choke and cannot handle his size. Sme girls do it all the time, everyday.
Bad time for an example on what girls give blowjobs =s
by Cranberry pie January 16, 2007

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