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Commonly abused cough medicine. Chosen for the large concentration of DXM polisterex in each dosage. DXM polisterex is a longer lasting form of DXM HBr which is found in most OTC cough medicines. Because of its longer lasting nature, recreational use may result in a daze that lasts from 24 hours to up to three days.
Known as "Agent Orange" for its orange color. Also known as "Company D" in an illusion to the down syndrome dance group that shares the same name, because of the strange way which one moves when abusing Delsym.
So what'd you do last weekend?
Man, I picked up a 5 oz of agent orange (delsym) and played two games of billiards with a rabbit. He won the first, but I got him in the second.

Alright, we've got 2 jugs of caribou lou, an oz of dank, 20 oz of company d (Delsym), and a dozen rolls. Let's call some bitches and have a party.
by Craizy Chris May 05, 2007

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