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The formal name for a Tom Tom GPS device.
Gary: Nutsack! I think we're lost. You better grab the Thomas Thompson out of the glove box.
Gina: Oh, you mean the Tom Tom.
Gary: Yes. Don't make me ask you again.
Gina: Sorry.
by CraigersMcCraigers July 10, 2008
A popular haircut among American youth. The top of the head is shaved and the sides are kept at a moderate to long length (i.e. the inverse of the classic wedge hairstyle).
Randall: Hey, Steve. Nice haircut! I see you went with the inverted wedge. Excellent choice.
Steve: I'm glad you like it, homo.
by CraigersMcCraigers July 02, 2008
head mother fudger in charge
Steve: Who's Larry?
Raul: He runs that chocolate shop on 3rd street -- he's the HMFIC!
by CraigersMcCraigers July 10, 2008

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