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"An American youth subculture, characterized by an affinity for loud sports cars, MTV, and brand name clothing lines, usually found in packs late at night at Taco Bell."

Often seen wearing: Abercrombie & Fitch t-shirts, fitted, sports themed, baseball caps, Oakley sunglasses, sea shell necklaces, etc.
Those Chads are going to go home and chundle eachother's runches.
by Craig von Jackson September 14, 2006
the buckle is a clothing store known for its notoriously good customer service, so a game was invented where one must either walk to the end of the store and touch the back wall, or go all the way in, then out, without being spoken to by any employees of the store.
The Buckle challenge is a near-impossible endeavor.
by Craig von Jackson September 11, 2006
the sexual act or any act involving one's taint; to fondle the taint, specifically with the index and middle fingers extended.
Chundle my runch bitch!
by craig von jackson September 17, 2006
The flap of skin that hangs between a mans sphincter and scrotum; a worthless human being.
Chundle my runch bitch!
by craig von jackson September 17, 2006

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