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3 definitions by Craig Swoboda

An acronym derived from a toast or a cheer frequently given originaly by Frank Sinatra meaning To Absent Friends, Fuck Em. Taffe is currently being used as a toast, cheer and in some cases as a way to finish off a written letter replacing "Yours truley" or "Sincerly" or any other phrases.
Wow!! Look at everybody here. Let's raise our drinks in a toast to all our friends that aren't here tonight. "Taffe!!!"
by Craig Swoboda September 18, 2005
The art of becoming a torch by blowing alcohol out of your mouth and lighting it with a match or lighter to produce a large flame.
Craig did a naked beer bong on top of the wall while Adam did the human blow torch behind him!!
by Craig Swoboda September 18, 2005
The muscles that surround the butt hole sealing it closed.
Man, Jorge came over the other day and dropped a huge load. I'm sure he's gonna need a new assket after that one.
by Craig Swoboda June 01, 2006