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'bout fucking time

When you wait someone to respond or similar.
Jim says, "Hey man"
5 minutes later
Rick says, "hey"
Jim says, "bft"
by Craig Houston August 26, 2004
malcom in the middle
You watchin mitm tonite?
by craig houston September 07, 2003
A sport in where you throw sandbags across lines. If you throw pass the 3 point line you lose and are banned from sandbaggin untill you steal the mask. There are also social functions included in the sport.
Person A : you coming sandbagging tonight man?
Person B : ya i hear mike from petro got his house back
by Craig Houston August 30, 2004
A person who is staying at your house, jackin your food and taking up space
Ya man, I got this new border at my house, hes an idiot.
by Craig Houston January 06, 2004

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