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Pubic hair that is quaintly plucked, from either testes sack or armpit, in Lebanese fashion, to floss with (normally after consuming dolmas,hummus, and corn) Originated in Lebanon, where many inhabitants don't have access to dental floss, and happen to be very hairy as well. Queen Fady popularized this method of oral hygiene in the late 1800's and is still commonplace today.
After the office luncheon people saw Craig using Fady Floss to clean his teeth. At first it sickened them, but soon they learned to accept it as a form of Lebanese tradition.
#lebanese oral hygiene #fady toothbrush #revolting #stapleton #pubes
by Craig Emmons March 06, 2007
a very hairy nipple, normally on males, but sometimes found on beastly women.
Craig showed up at the photo shoot for "Pasty Male" and revealed to the photographers his hideous unsightly haireolas.
#titty hair #nip pubes #stapletons #fady floss #shag
by Craig Emmons March 06, 2007
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