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A synonym of ph34r.
ph33r my l33t skillz bi0tch!!!
by craig November 24, 2002
A meeting on Thursdays at a fucking amazing sports bar where men get together to talk about chicks, beer, and how much we hate school...oh yeah, and L/D Max.
Man, that Aerospace Party was fun, good thing I was using my L/D/ Max
by Craig April 01, 2005
Someone who has sex with their partner while on their lunch break from work.
"Why is Nichola always late back from her lunch?"
"She's a lunchtime shagger, that's why."
by Craig September 14, 2004
Cude is a shortened version of cool dude! Or can be used to describe a cute dude.
Wow, he's cude!
by craig May 07, 2004
something that is super cool
man, the sex we had last night was the dogs bollocks!
by craig February 16, 2004
A term for when people go to a cosmetic surgeon to have their breasts augmented. They are given a brochure to look through, with all the different permutations available.
"Wow, have you seen the amount of boobs in this book?" "Yes, it's like being in Tit City!"
by Craig October 10, 2004
Fine strain of marijunana
This shit is totally Ando
by craig July 16, 2004

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