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one of the grestest days. 20th April. 4/20. Smoke weed on this day!!!
dude whens it IGD?
20th april
thats 6months fuck it, lets light up
by craig March 12, 2003
(Niggor Under a Hat.)
A Black Person Putting on a hat, Du-rag Or object on their head.
Black Man To another Black man: "Nauh man, now lets get outta here."
by Craig April 27, 2004
thats an infuckingcredible piece of machinary you have
by Craig April 16, 2003
Used in the plural sense, this is Cockney rhyming slang for piles or haemorrhoids. Nuremberg trials = piles
"Blimey, me Nurembergs are givin' me jip today."
by Craig September 14, 2004
when a woman is on her period
shes on her res, shes pissed off
by craig March 11, 2003
A boagan is an aussie beer drinking bloke who wears tight jeans and a checked shirt and has a mullet
nobody likes a boagan
look at that dero boagan
by Craig March 01, 2005
When an aroused man frantically rubs his turgid penis, it gives the impression that he is polishing it until it shines; hence he is a nob shiner. Used as a derogatory term to indicate a person who is behaving foolishly in the eyes of the speaker.
I saw that Halifax advert the other day and, I tell you what, that Howard is a right nob shiner.
by Craig August 10, 2004

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