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Declining Facial Health
Me: "You are ugly."
Other person: "No I'm not."
Me: "Yes you are...you have dfg."
Other person: "Blargh!"
by Craig December 01, 2004
N. The split bulge in a mans pants caused by wearing jeans that are too tight. More often than not, these jeans are manufactured ny Wrangler.
Holy crap! That dude has hella Mosse Knuckle!
by Craig October 28, 2002
Man is getting oral gratification from man or woman (your choice). Just before that special moments comes and your gratifier stops bobbing and leans back to get a face full. At this point a quick punch to the nose will yeild a nice trickle of blood which will quickly be joined by a shower of semen and when mixed togeter becomes your peaches and cream.
If this hoe doesn't start showing my balls some attention this blow job will end in some peaches and cream.
by Craig January 20, 2005
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