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Technically a Typo, but, it sounds so damn good!!!
The best way to not commit to anything...
Person #1 - Hey, are you going out tonight?

Person #2 - Mayble

Oops...Maybe, not Mayble...

Person #1 - No...mayble it is...LOL
by Craeven August 18, 2011
Named after the master vanishing man himself, the Houdini is the quickest way out of a sticky situation, and also having to avoid good-byes, which can take forever. Basically, get up and leave...don't say good-bye...don't make eye contact...don't inform anyone you're leaving...just vanish.
Person #1 - Hey where did Steve go??
Person #2 - I just saw him like 20 mins ago...?
Person #1 - I think it's been longer than that...
Person #2 - He performed the Houdini again!!!
by Craeven August 02, 2011
Why settle for mance??

When performance isn't enough...and super performance only sounds weird!!!

The ability to literally rock out with one's cock out!!

A synonym of BEYAWESOME!!
Buddy #1 - How was your review today??

Buddy #2 - I pwned my boss with my superformance!!

A rating for the world's most interesting man.
by Craeven March 24, 2011

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