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The spritzes of urine that deflect off of toilets, urinals and urinal cakes and onto the person urinating, as well has his clothes and shoes.
When I use the urinal I always aim for the side to reduce splashback.
by crace selvage September 14, 2007
The quality of possessing buttocks so thick and large that a person can easily push their way through a crowd.
Once we're inside the concert let Andrew lead the way since he's got a bulldozer ass.
by crace selvage September 14, 2007
Getting the shit beaten out of you, most likely in spectacular and exciting redneck fashion. An obvious homage to "Roadhouse", which, is one of the best movies ever!
Oh my God! After hitting on that chick he got totally roadhoused by her boyfriend and his frat buddies!
by Crace Selvage March 05, 2010

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