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A foolishly annoying person.
"I'm an insignificant twit."

1. A very, very, very hairy drunken man who's gotten lost the the woods where a German tourist discovers him and comments on his rather large foot.

2. A pimply Star Wars-crazed teenager who thinks he sees Chewbacca in a forest. Chewbacca = Bigfoot

3. The offspring of a gorilla and a human.

4. A lost extra from the movie 'Planet of the Apes'.

5. The offspring of a wookie, a Klingon, and an uruk-hai.
1. "Ziet das big, hairy Bär? Nein, das ist ein Menschen geklöft. Ein Mutant!

2. Holy crap, dude. That's fucking Chewbacca, man! YEAH!

3. That's gross!

4. Rawr! No, wait... where's Mark Wahlberg?!?!?!

5. Gross-er!

by crabtree-whothefucktookmyname? August 11, 2009

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