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1 definition by CraZY biTcH!

NOT to be MISTAKEN with FARMINGTON, MI. Farmington Hills is a city in the lower Oakland twp. 100% rich suburbia. Hometown of Harrison High School, and North Farmington High School. Mostly consists of RICH Jews, RICH Chaldeans and White Kids.
Majority of the kids have not been past 12 mile but act like it.

Place of dream homes for many in Detroit.

YES....IT IS Considered WEST side by ALL EAST SIDERS...sorry

The other end of the lodge freeway.Only about 19 miles from Downtown Detroit.

Those from Farmington Hills can not stand those from Farmington. and vice a versa.
Tamika: You from Farmington or sumethin?

Jessica: HELL NO....I am from Farmington Hills.
by CraZY biTcH! January 12, 2007