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Hucking is a position of sex where both genders are "Hugging" each other.Can also be refered to as FUGGING!
Crystal and Otto where in the Hucking position all night!!
by Crystal January 25, 2005
an actress/singer who has absolutly no talent at all yet for some reason everyone loves (like hilary duff....stupid ugly slut)
stupid ugly fat whore whos boobs mysteriously grew 5 sizes over night
by crystal March 04, 2005
a nickname short for LUDACrystal Kreamer.
Yo Luda! How's that quesidilla?
by crystal April 03, 2005
dick/ jerk
ray rodriguez
by crystal June 09, 2003
A Car Color Not often seen. >Rare
"Hop out looking crispy, fresh and new
In a six but it's a BM and its Pepsi blue"-Jada
by Crystal November 26, 2004
Referring to the town of "garrettsville"
Gville sucks
by Crystal February 03, 2004
a male gina, ginos and ginas were tight clothes, listen to gino beats, both love dancing and the colour pink!
and usually europian
look at the guy in that kappa suit hes such a gino!
by crystal March 25, 2005

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