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A paper bag containing the feces of a dog which is placed on someones porch and then set ablaze. As seen in the movie BILLY MADISON.
The neighbor called the fuz cuz we shizlocked his porch.

That shizlocker was out of control...Did you see that guys face?
by CrAcKtOkE mCbLoKe May 03, 2005
When a 1 male nails another male in the back door and releases his load. The receiving male then craps into the mouth of the giver.

Also a favorite of stacey jean!
Tony gave charly a steamy jean.
by CrAcKtOkE mCbLoKe May 03, 2005
One who applies a torque wrench to an anus to give or receive pleasure.

Can be used to accuse someone as being of the homosexual sexuality.

Also spelled ass torker
That kids an ass torquer.
by CrAcKtOkE mCbLoKe May 03, 2005
A badass distortion that comes in pairs.
That morgan and DevO are one noble giche goome.
by CrAcKtOkE mCbLoKe May 02, 2005
Big Ol' Cock Face or Big Old Cock Face for us northerners
That maryjane rottencrotch is a frickin B.O.C.F.
by CrAcKtOkE mCbLoKe May 02, 2005

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