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A former Syracuse foortball player, Fuccillo is a Western and Upstate New York car salesman/superstar. He is known for his over the top improvised commercials and his trademark slogan "HUGE!"
"This sale is HUGE Rochester. HUUUGGE-GA!"

"Billy Fuccillo is a HUGE cokehead."

"Wow, that's Billy Fuccillo Huge!"
#billy #fuccillo #huge #fuccilo #fucillo #hyundia
by Cr4zyCr4ck3r April 07, 2009
Uncontrollably falling into 10-20 minute sleeping spells at inappropriate times. Other symptoms include "the head bob", that can be seen as a student fights an on coming Napolepsy spell, and illegible or missing notes. Most often caused by monotonous drab professors and warm lecture halls.
"Dude bro Chad, can I get the notes from you later."
"Nah, sorry man, I had a hardcore Napolepsy attack."

"I caught a serious case of Napolepsy in ME107 with Lambropoulos this semester."
#napolepsy #narcolepsy #nap #sleep #me107
by Cr4zyCr4ck3r May 04, 2010
Means never having to say I'm sorry...
Shut up bitch! I'm a thug!
#thug #love #weeds #thugg #thug life
by Cr4zyCr4ck3r July 30, 2010
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