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Noun; zombie made of shadows.

Known only to be found in Alan Wake. Armed with axes and chainsaws, manifest at inopportune times.

Plural: shombies.
Girl 1: I think we're going to make it to the next light source... here you play for a bit.

Girl 2: ok-AHHHHH

Girl 1: OMG that shombie manifested itself from nowhere and we're out of torch batteries!
by Cptn Chaos January 07, 2011
Any amount of time that seems to be lost by an individual or group who are playing any of the Fable games.

Also known to occur with the Assassin's Creed games, and Gears of War.
Girl: hey I'm kinda hungry, pause the game and go make me something to eat

Guy: no wonder you're hungry, it's 3am

Girl: I thought it was 7. Curse the fable timeshift phenomenon!
by Cptn Chaos November 28, 2010

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