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Messunk; being so drunk you continually hit the wrong keys while talking to a friend on a messenger service.

Depending on the depth of drunken state of the messunker, letters may be severely misplaced.

A combination of the words messaging and drunk.
Sam: rhe pleather is jinda nicr

Isabelle : ... dude, are you messunk?

Sam: I nay gave jad a tet.

Isabelle: fail...
by Cpt. Chaos December 31, 2009
A tackle hug undertaken at speed
Jill: I hate Christmas at my aunt and uncles' house, my uncle always hug tackles me.

Jack: He... tuggles you?

Jill: That would be an appropriate word, yes.
by Cpt. Chaos December 26, 2009
A phrase coined by a year 9 level coordinator at Kew High School, Australia.

Intended to be used as a fleeting example of prejudice against the moderately wealthy students of the school who live in the suburb of Ivanhoe, turned into a popular phrase in record time.

A moderately non-offensive way of saying something's unfairly bad.
Guy 1: Oh that's so gay!


Guy 1: whoops. I meant that's so Ivanhoe.
by Cpt. Chaos January 10, 2010

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