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This a typical expression of excitement and generally precedes Ya-Ya Yearse in the form of a chant.
Person 1: Hey, are girls with big boobs going to be at the party tonight?
Person 2: Yes. There will be big boobs everywhere.
Person 1 and 2 Chanting: Yimmie Ya-Ya Yimmie Ya-Ya Yearse! Yimmie Ya-Ya Yimmie Ya-Ya Yearse!
by Cozhos August 21, 2006
-Beat It Geek- This term is used when you want someone to either leave you alone, or they are being an overall buzz kill to your personal enjoyment.
Person 1: Dude, this girl will not go away. I even told her I had the clap and she just laughed. What do I do?
Person 2: Tell her to B.I.G.
by Cozhos November 17, 2006

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