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Any man who's facial hair resembles the pubic hair on a woman's vigina. Usually total douche bags trying to be creative with their beards.
James thinks his gotee is cool, what a Snatch Face!
by Coy Peterson July 01, 2005
During gay sex, a man pulls out only to find his penis covered in fecal matter.
When Todd noticed his shitcicle, he slapped Mark in the face with it and said, "Suck it off, bitch!"
by Coy Peterson June 04, 2005
4 guys engaged in a circle, all hunched over and giving one another head. In essence, this is reffered to as the perfect circle in the gay community.
A step up from this is called the "Squating Circle BJ", Same thing but each member in the circle has his thumb inserted deep within the next members ass.
Before Tom was about to blow his load down gary's throat, he realized he was enjoying a salty shake courtesy of Bert.
by Coy Peterson July 01, 2005
The act of shoving your cock against the ball-gag which your helpless sex slave is wearing, to the point he starts to gag and caughs up spunk from the previous molester.
After Gary had to beg for mercy to take off his ball-gag, he realized he was the helpless victim of gimp punishing and needed a new job and new friends.
by Coy Peterson July 02, 2005
When two guys are having sex and the ball slapping is so intense it leaves welts on the recieving ends gooch.
After looking at the marks on his gooch in the mirror, Tim realized that he had his first hardover with Todd.
by Coy Peterson June 04, 2005
The act of swallowing or licking up spooge in the near vacinity of your naked body.
After Carol cleaned up her pearl necklace with her tongue, there was no doubt in my mind she was a skeeter eater.
by Coy Peterson July 01, 2005

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